Procedure for reporting safety hazards and incidents


To ensure all participants (members and volunteers participating in Bach Society of Queensland’s rehearsals, concerts or events) are aware of the reporting and investigation requirements for incidents and hazards (refers to Work Health and Safety Act 2011).

Hazard identification

A hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm. Hazards may occur in the rehearsal/concert/event environment. All have a responsibility to be on the lookout for and report hazards. If any hazard is identified, try to make it safe and report it to the Safety Officer or another member of the Bach Society Management Committee. Typical hazards may include slip and trip hazards (electrical leads, handling heavy items, management of riser walkways and steps); first aid emergencies, fire emergency or emergency requiring evacuation.


All participants should report hazards and incidents to the Safety Officer as soon as they occur.

The Safety Officer will interview those involved in an incident, treat and make a record of the and submit a description of the incident to Worksafe Queensland if necessary, including:

  1. Time date and location
  2. Events that led to the incident
  3. Activities being undertaken at the time of the incident
  4. Overall action
  5. Circumstances that resulted in the incident e.g., objects, machines, equipment
  6. Others involved in the injury
  7. Person’s injury/illness and any required treatment details
  8. Actions taken immediately after the incident to prevent recurrence
  9. Longer term action to prevent recurrence.

The Safety Officer will notify Worksafe Queensland of the incident if necessary.

The Safety Officer will report hazards and incidents for review by the Management Committee at its meetings conducted every two months. Reviews will evaluate the effectiveness of changes to practices that aim to address risk and how these are being implemented; whether the hazard is still relevant; additional information about the hazard; changes to regulation or legislative requirements for addressing the hazard.

The Safety Officer will maintain a first aid kit, inspecting it quarterly.

The current Safety Officer is Belle Hulbert-Black.