Practice Aids

For almost all of the music we sing there are on-line rehearsal aids.

To use these click on your part; you will hear the full set of parts with your own part emphasised.  If the current music is available on-line you can access it by clicking in the box below.

GF Handel- Messiah
(Cyberbass, compatible with all devices)

Speedy Midi icon GF Handel - Messiah
(for those who love midis)

Where the rehearsal aids have been developed by the Bach Choir they should be played back using Speedy Midi. Such aids are identified by the symbol: Speedy Midi icon.

Click here to learn how to install Speedy Midi and for brief instructions for it.
To use on your mobile device click here.

Chord Perfect Practice Aid

This is a set of audio files on which a trained performer sings through YOUR part, in German, for each chorus of the work, with the other parts audible in the background.
By use of appropriate apps you can cause the tempo to be reduced for note-bashing, and then brought back to concert speed as you get more familiar with your part. The audio files can be loaded onto a tablet or a phone thus freeing you from practicing only in front of a computer.
The Bach Choir has purchased a bulk subscription to download the practice aid for the Messiah. Contact the Librarian for access to it.

Messiah Markups

Mark Ups for editing into your score:

Act 1

Act 2a

Act 2b

Act 3

When the current music is not available online we may be able to provide practice CDs - contact the Librarian at rehearsal.

Choir members may borrow a copy of "Successful Sight Singing" by Nancy Telfer - contact the Librarian

If you are new to musical notation this link is to a handy singers' guide to such things.