MIDI Apps for mobile devices

Midi apps on iOS (Apple) and Android devices should ideally do as follows:

  • Download the midi file from our practice page (so that you can use them without a wireless connection)
  • Play the practice material at differing preset speeds (for early note-bashing and later rapid reinforcement)
  • Display the musical score (but you cannot have the text because it is not part of the Midi file)
  • Allow the score to be 'topped and tailed' so that you can skip long introductions/codas.

iOS Apps from the App Store

Three out of four isn't bad; the best player we have found so far is 'Sweet Midi'.  It does not display the musical score and costs a rather expensive $15.99 (the free trial version fades the music out for the last 10% of the track).

Android Apps from Google Play

'Simple Midi Player' is free but again does not show the score (and has a rather clunky display).  When you tap on a midi file Android won't open Simple Midi Player but the file gets downloaded to your Downloads folder.  Open Simple Midi Player and find the file you want to practice with.

Practice Player' meets all four requirements in its paid version ($5.99) but the latest update does not seem to work.

Other Apps

If anyone finds better apps for this purpose please let us know.